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Rose Gold Wick Set

Rose Gold Wick Set


Wick Trimmer

7" long wick trimmer used for trimming down and catching your wick. The curved handle and head make it easy to reach down int to container candles to make the perfect cut. Also, the design of the cutting head makes it hold the wick trimming so it does not fall into the candle.

Wick Dipper

With the wick dipper, you can gently submerge the lit wick into the molten wax pool eliminating the smoky afterglow, keeping your wick straight and centered as your beeswax candles burn.

Candle Snuffer

The candle snuffer has a rotating movement allowing for easier access to hurricane lanterns and overhead candles, 8.25" long handle to safely extinguish wicks and prevent a spray of wax or burns.

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